Plug photoDirty Electricity: Another name for EMI

Dirty electricity is another name for electromagnetic interference (EMI) on your electrical circuits. The term was first popularized by Dr. Magda Havas, PhD and Dr. Samuel Milham, MD, who began to identify a series of health effects associated with EMI around 2005. 

Dirty electricity exists everywhere. It is unusable and potentially harmful electromagnetic energy (EMI), which is generated by electronic devices, as they operate. EMI circulates through a building’s electrical system and radiates into the environment through wiring, outlets, power strips, and electronics and efficiency lighting, contaminating the environment with electropollution.

Is dirty electricity dangerous? Scientific evidence points to connections between dirty electricity and a wide variety of physical, emotional, and cognitive health problems. Dr. Milham, has spent nearly thirty years researching the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on health. In his book, Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization, Dr. Milham links dirty electricity to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, suicide and neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). (more–>)