A Simple Solution: reduce Dirty Electricity with plug-in EMI Filters

Two companies, Stetzer Electric and Greenwave specialize in the measurement and reduction of dirty electricity in a variety of settings.  Stetzer Electric sells a plug-in EMI filter, which the company claims is based upon 100 year-old science and power engineering principles. Early literature from the company claimed the filters reduce stray electrical frequencies in the 4-150 Kilohertz range. The single capacitor solution is housed in a basic, tan rectangular box at price of between $30 and $35 per filter.

Greenwave offers innovative EMI filters in an attractive, industrial designed footprint for between $21 and $25.  Greenwave filters mitigate stray frequencies between 10 kilohertz and 500 megahertz (at 30 DB) and is the first to incorporate nickel-plated components, grounded circuitry and a convenient plug-through feature. Greenwave filters incorporate a system of multiple capacitors, which include attenuating both the ‘hot’ and ‘ground’ circuits. Greenwave filters were designed in partnership with a notable defense contractor, which specializes in EMI mitigation. The filters use state-of-the-art electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering technology to reduce levels of potentially harmful electrical energy.  

Key Features of popular EMI Filters Greenwave Filters

  • Easy to install:  it usually requires between 12 and 24 filters per home. You may plug the filters into outlets or power strips.

  • Two prong or three-prong, grounded filter:  

  • Some vendors include built-in outlet at base: 


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